Kodak Ngenuity 9090DB Software Driver

Kodak Branded Ngenuity Scanner Driver

kodakdriver.net-Ngenuity 9090DB

Upgrade to VRS 5.1


Installing the scanner drivers from the link on the bottom of this page will install the latest OEM VRS, TWAIN Data Source, ISIS Driver and WIA/STI drivers for a Kodak Ngenuity Scanner. For more information please read the Release Notes posted on this page.

Kodak Ngenuity 9090DB Driver
File Name: InstallSoftware_Ngenuity_v1.5.zip
File Size: 559 MB

Kodak Branded Ngenuity 9090DB Scanner Firmware

This firmware update has been provided to allow the conversion from the Bell and Howell (BBH) version of the Ngenuity Scanner to a the KODAK version of the Ngenuity Scanner or the upgrading of firmware to the latest version on a Kodak Branded Ngenuity Scanner.

File Name: Kodak_Ngenuity_FW_v2_10_03.zip
File Size: 65.81 MB

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